Give us 4 days and we'll show you How To Save Your Marriage & Reconnect With Your Wife Without  Having To Go To Marriage Counselling Or Therapy
(...Even If You Feel Like You're On The Brink Of Divorce)
Here are the details for you :-)
I’m going to helping 10 married businessmen save their marriage and reconnect with their wives even if they’re on the brink of divorce

They’ll be able to finally…
...get back to the fun, flirting, and laughter with their wife whilst experiencing more intimacy and connection than ever before
...go from evening arguments & conflict with their wife to being able to look into her eyes and see that she admires you as the man she once married
...walk through the door on an evening and have your wife excited to see you and be able to share your victories and wins with her the exact man they would want their daughter to marry and son to be one day
...end depression, anxiety or stress, have a deeper understanding and love for themselves and be the man your wife married and know is inside you.
Now, I’m not saying your life will be all rainbows and unicorns, i’m a realist after all…

...but I am saying that when the shit hits the fan in your marriage and life, you’ll have the ability to deal with it and more importantly…
So, how will we accomplish this...
Glad you asked.

Here’s why we can do it so quickly when most married businessmen have to spend hundreds of thousands on marriage counseling & therapy...

You see,

Most marriage counselling and therapy programs require months if not years of dragging yourself and your wife to hour long sessions…

Focusing on all the negatives, bringing back past conflict which can lead to more chaos than calm.

...and that might work for some people.

But in my experience after working with over 400 married businessmen...

...we need to look at things a lil’ differently if we want to put an end to evening arguments, disconnection, sex droughts and feeling like your wife is more of a “bad roomate with a ring” than a loved and respected partner.
Discover how Ed went from relying on porn and being 4 days away from having an affair to falling in love with his wife all over again and being the father
and businessman he knew he could be…
Discover how Rick went from almost getting divorced and being seriously worried about his mental health to losing 10lbs, reconnecting with his wife and becoming an award winning entrepreneur…
Discover how Umar went from being paralysed with anxiety to landing the largest order in the history of his business, losing 2 stone in weight and reconnecting with his wife
Discover how Lee went from losing his relationship, being hospitalised with stress and working 60+ hour weeks to losing 10lbs, taking 3 holidays in 6 months whilst growing his business by 20%
so why does marriage counselling not work for the majority of married businessmen?
Because marriage counseling and therapy only focus on the marriage, NOT the man behind the marriage…

In fact, some of my clients say that the main reason marriage counselling and therapy didn't work for them... there was no system to deal with the relationship and life outside of the awkwardness and discomfort of the 4 walls of the session.

Leading to temporary ah ha’s and small breakthroughs but no lasting change in a married businessman's life.

(which is why, over time, the old patterns and habits creep back in and most men find themselves back where they started or signing away half of everything they’ve built to a dovirce lawyer)

Think of it like this…

If you want to build a house you gotta start with the foundations.

If you try and build a house on already crumbling foundations it might withstand a few hurricanes but eventually it’s going to start to crack and collapse.

I’ll have you consider that the same is true in your marriage.

In my experience,

if you want to build a marriage, relationship and life with your wife that is full of love, intimacy and sexual connection like it’s your honeymoon all over again.

It starts with the foundations.
So when you join us AT THE POWERFUL MAN
...we’re going to hand you over a tool called THE TRIAD OF CONNECTION which....

Stops the breakdown of your marriage so you can go from evening arguments & conflict with your wife to being able to look into her eyes and see that she admires you as the man she once married

This is a set of 3 simple guidelines that will help you build a solid foundation… you can reconnect with yourself & your wife and have her look into your eyes with respect and admiration like it’s your wedding day all over again.

Think of The Triad Of Connection as the combination to a 3 digit lock...

...but did you know there are 1,000 possible combinations to a 3 digit lock?

Well, you can try to crack it yourself and who knows maybe you will find a combination that works in a year or two or three maybe, but most likely never.

But with The Triad Of Connection at your fingertips...’ll make cracking the code of marriage and relationships as simple as loading up a cheat menu and playing to win.
As we start to help you save your marriage and reconnect with your wife, you’ll also…
*Be the man that has her looking into your eyes with the respect and admiration she once had for you
We’ll be pulling this off using a simple to follow system known as “The Activation Method

In my experience after working with over 400 men…

Most married businessmen are running on an outdated operating system. 

You see, there is a man inside you right now who is 10x the man you are being

He’s a better husband.

He’s a better father.

He has better sex.

He’s a better businessman.

He’s a better athlete and in better shape.

That man is already inside of you.

You don’t have to have some awakening to become a “brand-new you”.

He already exists…

...he just needs to be activated.

But you can’t activate him by playing by the same rules and using the same system that has led you to the position you’re in now.

It’s impossible.

If Ferrari wants their assembly machine to crank out Ferraris…

...but they keep getting Toyotas - it’s not the man operating the system who needs to change.


Same is true in your life.

Especially in your marriage.

Most men are living based off of an operating system that was created and shaped by their beliefs and experiences of the past.

No amount of effort and “want to” can override the system - UNLESS, that effort and “want to” is put into creating a new system.

This is why marriage counselling and therapy doesn’t create lasting change for a lot of men and their marriages.

Because as I mentioned above they focus on the marriage (the house) and not the system it’s built on (the foundations)

Think of the activation method as an upgrade to your current operating system (foundations), one that gives you the capacity and space to lead your marriage back on track FAST.
*Wish you could start over with your wife? Take away hurtful things you said? Turn back time? Have her trust you again?
Using The Clean Slate Method you can. Quickly and easily.

We’ll show you how to bring a demolition team to your past conflict so you can rebuild your relationship from the ground up even if you’re on the brink of divorce.
*Wake up each morning feeling in control, and free from the daily stress, chaos and anxiety that married businessmen experience
Have you ever been asked the question...

What do you want from your marriage and life?

Most men can’t answer this question, which leaves them in a state of spinning their wheels and focusing all their energy on what they don’t want.

Using our simple but effective TRUTH ASSESSMENT you’ll be crystal clear on what you want in your marriage and life...

Then, using our INTENTIONAL LIVING PROTOCOL you’ll stay focused on creating those outcomes in your marriage and life while still being present with your family regardless of what life or business throws at you.

If it sounds too simple, you’re totally right

It’s taken me a decade of hard-work, sleepless nights, and racking up multiple 6-figures worth of investment to make The Powerful Man System as simple as 123.
*Diffuse conflict and create WIN-WIN outcomes that lead to a loving, peaceful, respectful relationship with your wife.
Did you know men and women argue and fight for different reasons?

Women fight and argue to connect, men come to win.

I get it.

As a man, if we lose, we feel less than…

If business isn’t doing well, we feel less than If we lose in a fight with another man, we feel less than.

But consider that if we win an argument with our wife do we really win?

In my experience, even if we win we lose.


Because it just creates more resentment and more conflict.

So next time conflict happens we’ll show you how to read between the lines using our “HIDDEN MOTIVES TECHNIQUE” find WHY she wants to connect so that you can diffuse conflict and create WIN-WIN outcomes that lead to a loving, peaceful, respectful relationship with your wife.
*Switch off and be present on an evening instead of snapping at your wife and kids to give you “5 more minutes”
I don’t know about you.

But my evenings used to consist of me coming home from the office carrying all the stress of the day on my shoulders.

This would typically lead me to snapping at my loved ones and being in the room - but my head in work typically leading to arguments, shouting and sleeping with my back to my wife or worse… the spare room.

Which is why I created the DECOMPRESSION SYSTEM so I could leave work, at work and instead come home ready to spend time and be present with my family and connect with my wife.

In fact one of our clients Dave said:

“It’s like we’re dating again, she looks at me with those eyes like the man I was when we first met”
*Never go back to the “old way” and finally experience life as a leader in a secure, connected, loving relationship
If you’re anything like the men we work with, they’ve tried and started to make progress only to fall off the wagon and end up in a worse place than when they started.

Now you’ll never have to worry about falling off the wagon again with daily access to coaching & the powerful man brotherhood.

These men will help and hold you accountable to your commitments...

...and if the chaos of being a married businessman with kids ever does start to become too much… from men who are all on the same journey as you is never more than a few clicks away - all you have to do is ask, and someone will be there to guide you when you need it.
Discover how Dave went from almost leaving his marriage to dating his wife again and reconnecting with this kids in a way he never expected…
Discover how Matt went from feeling like an imposter and waiting for the rug to be pulled beneath him and his multi-million dollar company to reigniting lust in his marriage, passion in his business and purpose in his life
Discover how Ryan went from shouting at his kids, his wife almost having an affair and his business struggling to wild sex, attracting key investors and having daddy daughter dates…
***The Next Step***
You don’t have to send me any money now.

In fact,

You won’t see a button to buy anything on this page.

There’s two reasons for that.

1) I’m sure you have a few questions you want answered.

Which I completely understand and will gladly answer

2) I also have some questions for you too…
As I only work with men who I know for certain I can help get results.

So, call it “selfish” if you want (and maybe it is) but I need to make sure you and I will work well together...

...and that you’re the type of person who can and will follow through on the strategies and resources I share with you.

In other words - I need to know with certainty that I can get you the results i’m promising.

Fair enough?

So, here’s all you have to do now. 

Click the button below and fill out the short application on the next page.
From there, we’ll chat…

... i’ll ask you a few questions to figure out whether or not I can actually get you the results you want - i’ll answer your questions - fill you in a few more key details (yes, like the price)

...and as long as we both agree that we’re a good match - we’ll get you enrolled.
I look forward to our chat,

Rooting For You,

If you Are Ready To Save Your Marriage & Reconnect With Your Wife Without Having To Go To Marriage Counselling Or Therapy
Frequently Asked Questions
Now...if I were you...

I'd imagine you've got a bunch of questions

At the risk of writing the Magna Carta...I'm going to answer some questions I'm sure you have below.

*****How is this different from marriage counseling and therapy?

Great question,

As I mentioned above most marriage counseling and therapy focus on the marriage, past conflict and problems.

And they certainly don’t take into account the reality of the day to day struggles of trying to manage a business with the rest of your life.

This is not that.

As a married businessman

I want you to know I get it.

Being a business owner is hard - it’s stressful at times.

Now pile on the addition of doing your best to keep your wife, kids and employees happy without going completely insane…

It’s no wonder businessmen regularly find themselves in "NO MANS LAND" being stressed and feeling so overwhelmed when they get home from work…

...that they lose all patience, snap at their kids for acting their age, feel disconnected with their wife and their body starts to feel tired, flat and low on energy.

So to start with we'll focus on building a solid foundation to build your marriage on so it can withstand the storms life throws as you.

*****How do I know THE POWERFUL MAN will work for me?

We’ve helped over 400 men stop the breakdown of their marriage and liberate their life as a married businessman.

Our “secret sauce” if you can call it that, is THE TRIAD OF CONNECTION & THE ACTIVATION METHOD.

As long as you’re willing to put in a ‘lil effort and follow the system you’ll have her looking into your eyes with love, respect and admiration again.
If You Are Ready To Save Your Marriage & Reconnect With Your Wife Without Having To Go To Marriage Counselling Or Therapy
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